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2022-11-05 0 comments

What better way to bond with your entire family or group of friends than booking a private guest house? Tucked away on the secluded upper area of the Winds resort, the Villa offers a spacious and intimate setting to relax with your loved ones. Boasting a picturesque view of both the city and the mountainside, the guest house features One or Two bedrooms,  2 bathrooms, a kitchenette and your own big private veranda. Feel at home on the mountaintop!

The villa is good for 6 or 8 with free Infinity Pools swimming privileges. Does NOT come with breakfast, but you are free to bring or cook your own food with electric stove.

Villa 4 (Two-Bedroom with Balcony at the Back of Pool Area) Only 9,990/night good for 6


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